TEAM TS-11vi the latest generation of compact size CB-mobile transceiver equipped with amazing features.

TEAM TS-11vi it is a small sized and powerful CB-radio switchable into EU-Multi-Norms.

The arrangement of the LC-display is very clear and easy to read. There are 7 different background Colours and 6 brightness levels selectable. The LC-display indicates the selected settings and also S-Meter values

The most outstanding feature of TS-11vi is the VOX function (automatic voice activated transmitting). It provides more safety in traffic. The driver can talk in VOX mode while driving hands free without pressing the push to talk button at the microphone.

For direct calls and more privacy encoding of 38 CTCSS or 104 DCS can be set on the TEAM TS-11vi.

The automatic switching of the operating voltage of 12-24 Volts makes the TS-11vi ideal for use in cars or trucks.

In addition, the basic equipment of the TS-11vi: microphone with up / down channel selection buttons, channel scanning and a clear arrangement of the controls.

VX-2412 – New CB radio with top display and many useful functions.

The new TEAM VX-2412 is particularly striking due to the large LC-display for clear indication of many useful functions.

The background colour of the LCD is switchable into 7 different colours.

It is compacting sized and powerful in the usual top quality from TEAM Electronic. Same as other TEAM CB radios of the new generation the brand new VX-2412 is equipped with:

  • Full EU Multi Norm version for easy switching into six different European norms
  • VOX function for hands free operation for more safety in traffic
  • 38 CTCSS & 104 DCS codes for direct calls and more privacy,
  • Automatic 12-/24-Volts switching for use in car or truck

Besides the TEAM VX-2412 is equipped with up/down microphone, channel scanning, manual & automatic squelch and many other useful features.

TEAM MX-10 VOX – Now also available with VOX function for hands free operation

The new version the MX-10 CB radio includes the DM-3006 VOX microphone conforming to the new regulations for hands free operation of communication devices while driving.

The VOX function (Voice Operated Transmission) enables voice activated transmitting without need to press PTT at the microphone.

To enable hands free communication of previous version of MX-10 TEAM offers the VOX microphone DM-3006 also as separate accessories.

New TEAM FX-CBmobile with dual hands-free function!

The special feature of the new CB mobile radio TEAM FX-CBmobile is the front loudspeaker, the very low installation depth as well as the possibility of in-dash mounting or under-dash mounting in the vehicle.

Like all other TEAM CB radios, the FX-CBmobile has a hands-free system with the included VOX microphone DM-6006. An optional earphone / microphone (e.g. PY29K) for hands-free calling can be connected to the separate 2-pin socket of the FX-CBmobile.

The FX-CBmobile also offers a wide range of features such as:

  • 12/24 V Switching
  • Multi Norm Frequency
  • ASQ / SQ (automatic & manual squelch)
  • large and easy to read LC-display

H&G-1000 – for robust use!

The TEAM H & G-1000 is a robust headset with sound-absorbing headphones with a gooseneck microphone and a separate large PTT button.

It is available in 2 versions:

  • PR2509 with 2 pin connector (K)
  • PR2510 with 2 pin connector (M)

MH-SGK 1/4”

Suction cup holder for TEAM CB Mobile MiniCom and TEAM MiCo.

The suction cup holder MH-SGK 1/4 ” is suitable for the TEAM mobile devices CB Mobile MiniCom and MiCo. The assembly is on glass panes, as well as flat surfaces on which the support surface included in the scope of delivery can be glued.

Due to the small format and light weight, the mobile devices can be easily installed.

EBS radio slot installation frame

For the in-dash installation into the vehicle radio slot there are the following different suitable installation frames available:

  • CB6603 EBS for MX 10
  • CB6609 EBS for VX-2412
  • CB6610 EBS for TS-11vi

JD-24 series

The solid clip-on microphone has a PTT button and a 2.5 mm jack connection for the earphones.

The detachable earphone is equipped with a black spiral cable.

The microphone is equipped with a wind deflector.

We offer the JD-24 in 2 connection variants:

  • JD-2402 K, Kenwood compatible, for TEAM devices TeCom-DUO / -SL / -LC / -X5
  • JD-2403M, Motorola compatible, for TEAM devices TeCom-IP3 / -IPX5 / -IPZ5 / -IPDA32.