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DE : 80 FM 26,565-27,405 MHz; 40 AM 26,965-27,405 MHz
EU : 40 FM 26,965-27,405 MHz; 40 AM 26,965-27,405 MHz
EC : 40 FM 26,965-27,405 MHz
EI   : 40 FM 26,965-27,405 MHz; 40 AM 26,965-27,405 MHz
PL  : 40 FM 26,960-27,400 MHz; 40 AM 26,960-27,400 MHz
UK : 40 FM 26,965-27,405 MHz; 40 AM 26,965-27,405 MHz; 40 FM 26,60125-27,99125 MHz

CB is free of charge and registration in Germany and most other European countries.

The max. transmission power of 4 watts is designed for close-range communication. Exchanging information in a convoy or with strangers who are nearby, makes CB so popular.



What has to be considered?

What do you need for the CB?

  1. A CB radio
  2. An antenna


Can the CB radio be used throughout Europe?

All TEAM CB mobile radio devices are multi-standard devices. I.e. the frequency standards used in Europe are all available in one device. This means that trips to Poland and Great Britain, which use their own CB radio frequencies, are possible.


Which antenna can be used?

An 11 meter band antenna (27 MHz) is required for CB radio. If CB radio is to be operated stationary, a stationary antenna or balcony antenna is recommended. A cellular antenna is required for cellular communications. Whether you want to mount this permanently or temporarily on the vehicle is decisive for the use of a permanent or magnetic base antenna.