TEAM CB-Mobile MiniCom now including VOX function!

Our smallest and extremely well-proven CB mobile radio is now available with a VOX function. Due to its astonishingly small dimensions, the CB-Mobile MiniCom can be easily placed anywhere and is immediately ready for use with a few simple steps with impressive transmission and reception quality.

Multi Charger for TeCom-SL


Anyone who has ever been responsible for charging several handheld radios knows the tolerable procedure with the usual single chargers – for each device a power supply unit, a charging cradle and the tangled cables.

For the TeCom-SL we now offer the 6-fold multi-charging station MLG-6-SL. This allows 6 TeCom-SLs to be charged independently of each other, each charging cradle has its own circuit and control LED. After the charging process has ended, the device switches to standby mode. Overcharging the batteries is therefore not possible.

The power adapter is included.

Accessories of the IP series compatible!

The handheld radios of the TEAM IP series – TeCom-IP3 / -IPX5 / -IPZ5 / IP-DA32 – have compatible accessories! Battery packs chargers and earphones / microphones are interchangeable between these devices!

We will endeavour to expand the series in order to be able to offer the same accessories for as many different handheld radios as possible.

You can recognize all handheld radios of the IP series by this sticker.