TEAM TS-11vi the latest generation of compact size CB-mobile transceiver equipped with amazing features.

TEAM TS-11vi it is a small sized and powerful CB-radio switchable into EU-Multi-Norms.

The arrangement of the LC-display is very clear and easy to read. There are 7 different background Colours and 6 brightness levels selectable. The LC-display indicates the selected settings and also S-Meter values

The most outstanding feature of TS-11vi is the VOX function (automatic voice activated transmitting). It provides more safety in traffic. The driver can talk in VOX mode while driving hands free without pressing the push to talk button at the microphone.

For direct calls and more privacy encoding of 38 CTCSS or 104 DCS can be set on the TEAM TS-11vi.

The automatic switching of the operating voltage of 12-24 Volts makes the TS-11vi ideal for use in cars or trucks.

In addition, the basic equipment of the TS-11vi: microphone with up / down channel selection buttons, channel scanning and a clear arrangement of the controls.